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[SX-70] Polaroid SX-70 Exposure Guide

Polaroid SX-70 Exposure Guide
SX70 was initially designed for ISO 125 film for an outdoor photograph. The new Polaroid Originals SX70 FILM has an ISO160. Therefore, it is very easy to get overexposure, but it improved the indoor photo. 

Exposure Adjustment
Test SX70 in a Sunny day outdoor if overexposure, increase darkness by 1/8 for every situation if the photo is too dark, decrease darkness by 1/8 for every situation

***Indoor photo
SX-70 has maximal aperture F8. When taking a picture indoor, it is highly suggested to use a tripod or a flashlight. Tripod can avoid blur photo when the camera does a longer shutter speed. Sometimes the camera does get stuck when shutter open for too long (up to 14s). A flashlight is always a good choice. When the flashlight is attached to the camera, shutter speed will be set to a constant value and despite the adjust wheel. You can leave it at 1/2, and let flash to do the job.